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I got my Certificate of Proficiency in English when I was 18. At the same time, I was studying in a bilingual high school, where all subjects were taught in French. I passed my secondary school-leaving examination (maturity exam) in this language. I am a graduate of French and Spanish philology at the Jagiellonian University. I have studied Italian at university, in private courses and during numerous trips to Italy. I have also completed a C1+ course in Salerno (Accademia Italiana di Salerno)

I gained my teaching experience working in language schools in Łódź and Kraków, as well as teaching at language camps in Scotland, England, Ireland and the Netherlands. I’ve also given instruction in a workshop setting, teaching foreign languages ​​to larger groups through theater activities (based on scenes, performances, improvisation). On this basis, I cooperated with the Accent dla Dzieci school, Wonderland, Dworek Białoprądnicki and the Swim Test company.


Since 2012, I have been teaching small groups or individual students, and it is great professional fun for me. In class, I love using numerous teaching aids, online platforms, board games, card games and role-play improvisational techniques.

That's how we used to study in a non-virtual world

That's how we used to study in a non-virtual world

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For many years I have been involved in theater – related activities. I graduated from the LART acting studio in Krakow, and as part of the "Escena Erasmus" project (Valencia), I took part in a tour consisting of performances in 25 Spanish cities. For 5 years I studied and developed my acting skills at Mumerus Theater (Kraków).  I also staged several productions with my American friend and director Glen Cullen. It was from these valuable experiences that I drew inspiration for language classes and workshops based on role-play and theatrical plays.


I am passionate about traveling. I’ve worked as a tour leader and discovered many countries on my own. I have lived in Spain and in the Philippines.

I love to weave threads of travel into my language classes, either on a project basis or simply through exciting discussions.