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Nastoletnie Studenci podniesienie rąk

Why should I choose online classes?

Imagine this: outside your window it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s foggy and windy. Such an atmosphere doesn’t make you want to leave home and can prevent even the most motivated student from going to class. Well, now visualize a beautiful alternative: you with a cup of warm chocolate under an even warmer blanket, joyfully absorbing another portion of the material online with me.

To sum up  -  online classes make you independent from your current location and this is their great advantage over stationary classes.


What program will we be using during classes?

We will be using Zoom. It is an extremely simple program – all you need to do is to install it, enter your username and password, and start the session. No unnecessary complications. Zoom allows you to use tools such as: a white board on which you can draw, working on documents in real time, writing with a virtual pen on my screen, screen sharing with just one click, chatting, giving control of the screen to one of the participants. You can join the meeting from any device.


How do I know what level I am at in a given language?

Don't worry about that. Before we start our learning process, we will have a 15 minute meeting and, based on our conversation, I will decide which group to assign you to.


What if something goes wrong and I want to withdraw from class?

The fee you pay is for 1 month in advance. You have the option to withdraw after the first class if you change your mind. We will discuss any difficult events that may arise individually.

What if I miss a class?

In case of absence - I will send you a recorded lesson.


How big will the groups be?

Groups will consist of a maximum of 6 people. We need a minimum of three people to start a group.


How can I pay for classes?

After signing up for classes, you will receive an invoice for the upcoming month. If after the first class you decide to resign for any reason, I will process a full refund by the bank transfer.


What internet speed and other technical requirements do I need in order to take part in the classes?

You need a functioning internet connection with a speed of around 1.5 Mbps. In addition, you may need headphones and a charged mobile phone, which we will sometimes use to play quizzes


Can I join the group at any time?

If the group has already started, and after our 15-minute trial conversation, we decide that you’re up for it - there are no objections for you to join. If necessary, we will think about individual “catch-up” classes.


When are the classes held?

You can check the exact schedule of classes in the offer tab.

When do I have to sign up to have a confirmed spot in the group?

You can join an already ongoing course at any time of the year. Before I choose one that will serve you, I will just need to meet you virtually and assess your language level.


What if I want to join with other people? Are there any preferential conditions for groups?

Naturally. Write or call me and we will surely work out a suitable solution.


Can I invite someone to join the group and expect a discount?

If you bring one person to the group, you will get a 20% discount when paying for your monthly invoice. With two people, the discount will amount to 40%, with three people - 60%, etc. In other words, for each person you refer, you are entitled to a 20% discount when paying for the upcoming 1 month period. If siblings sign up for the classes - one of the participants will get a 20% discount for one month of classes immediately. The same rule applies to married couples.

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