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Kinga Rosińska

student of

Marbella International University Center

I studied with Ms Asia for about two years, which, as a result, allowed me to study in Spain. She always adapted to my needs and was not only focused on grammar, but also on conversations: open to any topic I wanted to talk about, which greatly develops the vocabulary. Ms Asia is the best Spanish teacher I have had the pleasure to work with!


Agnieszka Kaleta

owner of the company LIBRO AGNIESZKA KALETA,

providing marketing services, educational consultant

Can learning a foreign language be fun and still be effective? When it comes to classes with Asia, definitely YES. Asia has the suitable substantive qualifications which make the lessons diverse and interesting. The lesson plan, teaching methods and materials are adapted to the level of advancement and individual language needs of students. The atmosphere during the classes is conducive to conversations and communication in English, thanks to which you can feel rapid progress in learning. I recommend classes with Asia to anyone interested.

Jacek Kapitulski.jpeg

Jacek Kapitulski

owner of the Euro - Pack company in Krakow

Joanna was born to teach languages. Each lesson is carefully thought through, structured in advance and then carried out exactly according to plan. She uses a wide range of methods and teaching aids that effectively clarify the complexities of grammar and encourage more improvised conversation in a given language. Boredom in her lessons is a completely foreign concept, and 60 minutes of learning pass as if they were a bit longer than fifteen minutes.


Leszczyńska - Sobczyńska

PR specialist

Joanna Gałdecka of Linguarte is the best language teacher I have ever worked with. I have polished English under her supervision and I am now learning Spanish. Joanna approaches everyone individually and closely observes them in order to choose a teaching methodology consistent with their talents and personality. She is perfectly prepared for every lesson. Her teaching aids are very creative and always properly selected. The name Linguarte is not accidental. The way Joanna teaches is art.


Honorata Skrzypek

owner of Prosperity Group Sp. z o.o.,

a real estate company

I had been looking for a suitable English teacher for a long time. One that would have the right approach and ideas to transfer knowledge in an interesting and easily digestible way. At the same time, I was looking for a person with whom I could have a nice time, because after all, intensive English learning also means intensive contact with the teacher and in my opinion it is great if they are likeable. I found it all in Asia. She is a professional at what she does, and at the same time she is a very nice person with whom learning English is a pleasure, not a duty.


Anna Woźniacka

doctor, family medicine specialist

from Krakow

Classes with Asia are a pure joy for my older daughter, Amelka :) She loves them and always remembers about her homework :). My younger daughter, Matylda can’t wait to start learning Spanish


Vira Wojciechowska

coordinator of EU projects at the Ignatianum Academy in Krakow

Classes with Joanna are always very dynamic, interesting and developing! During the classes, there is always room for conversation, grammar exercises and learning new words. The teacher's deep knowledge and professionalism are adapted to every level of proficiency, so everyone who wants to practice English will be pleased!


Urszula Radwan

Scenes Supernova Actress

Asia explains grammar rules clearly.  Suddenly, it turns out that after years of trying to understand them, they become logical and manageable. In addition, we have maximum practice and very varied tasks, which makes the lessons interesting and very effective. But it is mainly Asia's personality, her enthusiasm and great passion for teaching and languages that make each meeting not only an ordinary lesson, but also an interesting event during the day, which you wait for impatiently.

Piotr Kania2.jpg

Piotr Kania

drummer in Polish Radio and Television Orchestras

in Krakow and the Krakow Philharmonic

Lessons tailored to the needs, level and abilities of the student. Proper proportions of practice and grammar. Well – organized time between classes  - homework and e-mail summary of each lesson. Reliability, intelligence and the teacher’s energy make each lesson a pleasant experience. What more could you want…

Ewelina Rutkowska.jpg

Ewelina Rutkowska

director of the Student Service Center

at the Pedagogical University in Cracow

The classes provided by Joanna are always carried out professionally; the materials and the program of the classes were adapted to my skills. By introducing elements of games and activities into the lessons, the classes are never boring, and the various exercises enable an in-depth analysis of the content being taught. Joanna is an excellent translator of grammar rules, which are learned through various exercises. The lessons allowed me to improve my fluency and learn the basics of the language in a short time.


Milena Wroniszewska

swimming instructor at Swim Test school, manager at children's camps on Swim Test Tour

For many years I was convinced that learning a language was hard and boring. I met Ms Asia during a children's camp where she was conducting language classes. Then, seeing the joy on the faces of those young creatures, I had a revelation! Seeing this with my own eyes, I immediately felt the need to have such lessons myself. Thanks to Asia, learning a language has become a great adventure! Her passion turns into a multitude of ideas that surprise me in every class!


Magdalena Turnau

kindergarten teacher in

The Land of Smiles in Rybna

Asia is an amazing person! I studied English with her for two years. My daughter has been studying English with Asia for eight years, and French before that. Asia has a remarkable ability to share her knowledge. As an expressive person, she is committed to effective learning methods. On the basis of several lessons with a given person she is able to choose the most effective learning method for them. She is a professional. She is an interesting and great teacher. She is also a wonderful and warm person. I highly recommend learning a language with Asia. It will be a fruitful process and well invested money!

swimming instructor at Swim Test school, manager at children's camps on Swim Test Tour

swimming instructor at Swim Test school, manager at children's camps on Swim Test Tour

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